Home Of Memories

Every child has its own hometown where they had grown up. It could be the city or in the rural area where there could be many memories that have been made. While we are young, we can make different things out of curiosity. We could go to places and have fun playing there. While being a child, you could have fears but you also have the vigor to see things, to try something or to play in many places. There are so much to do.

While you are young, you make your own memories. The friends you made and the activities you had done together. The games that you played and the crazy things you had been to. As time pass, you grow up and continue with your studies. You became busy and so you do not play much. You may also have to move to a different place so that you can study. There could be many changes that happen in your life and you had created new memories you treasure.

But even after all these things, there comes a time where your childhood memories will come to you. You will suddenly miss the place where you had first make your adventure. Where you have learned to understand other people. the place where you had experienced the fun, joy, and happiness but also the place where you have spent tears. The place that has a special place in your heart. It is also the place where your parents still live. It is the hometown you want to visit when you get a chance.