You Know Everyone

There are many places around the world and billions of people exist on them. It is a world where it seems there is a vast place to see and many things to do. But one place is where you have grown up that everyone knew each other. It is your hometown that is considered small by others but it is a big place of fun and adventure for you. You can go to different places within it safely as someone will recognize you and know your parents.

A community where people know what is your occupation and who is your grandparents. It is a place where everyone can lend a hand. The good thing is that as people mostly knew each other so there is a sense of responsibility. You could make a decision that could benefit all the residents like a park where children could really have fun and where any residents could go and take a rest. A place where you could go for a walk.

With this, improvements could be done for the whole community. It is not just a park that you will see but you can find other recreational places that everyone is free to go. Schools could be developed so that children would not have to go to a far place to be educated. The small community would soon grow and would become a place where many people are encouraged to live. Soon there is a growth in the economy and other areas and it would grow to leave the small community description.